Speciality spaces need a specialized approach. Built to suit, Custom designed space is a unique proposition with APS. Having a direct access to the talent pool of established designers, Architects, consultants and strategic alliances with them, helps achieve a tailor made outcome for developing your property from start to finish. Design, Government Approvals, Tendering and site execution fall seamlessly in place giving you the time and cost advantage.




Project Feasibility

We gain a thorough understanding of the land potential based on the location & market research. This enables us to propose the right asset class to be built.

Project Development

We formulate & evaluate development options like project planning, type of structure, building specifications & materials based on the market research and future trends.

Project Implementation

Time translates into money. The new age engineering is the key. Modern technologies and know-how of construction engineering happening across the globe give an advantage in implementing such techniques and technology to give a cost and me saving advantage.

Project Closure

From concept on to finish, our expert teams monitor and calibrate the work progress. Quality audit, project management, seamless closure and handover, is all taken care of in the most structured manner.